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Why do I have so much difficulty expressing my needs?

You're stubborn and very proud. You don't want to get a no for an answer, so you prefer staying in your fantasy and be a victim.

It is about lack of self love and self-confidence. Lack of willpower and knowing to fight for your rights and feelings.

This is an issue not only with money or love, but any connection with people with opinion. It is about integrity and ego.

You seem to be strong, but there is a great weakness in you.

How to overcome that?

It is a weak kidney. Stop working at 5 pm and make slow excercises between 5pm and 7pm to get your energy back. Make sure you're doing the most difficult intellectual task of your day at 9 am.

It is about loving yourself, express your deepest feelings learn to get those feelings balanced and embrace yourself with love. Tell yourself that you love you, so you can say to the other that you love her or him.

Tell yourself that you need the money and you deserve the money for the project to be able to express it to the others.

It's about balance, if you don't admit that you love yourself because you prefer to avoid that topic because it is too hurtful, you cannot expect the other person to love you.

If you are not convinced that you will get the funds, and deserve the funds, because it is important the funds will not come.

It's about embracing very deeply and sincere, the conviction that you deserve, what you are asking for. No hesitation, no questioning.

Knowing with conviction, that this is what you will get because you can create it by expressing your needs.

It is to learn to express yourself with love. When you learn to express yourself in a proper way problems get resolved.

It is to learn how to do it.

First, speak to the person's consciousness. There is an energy. Feel what they feel. Our thoughts are powerful and we need to learn to use them in a new way. Then create the action and speak to the person. Express yourself with love and compassion, serenity and no expectations. Detach, to let the person decide what is good for her or him.

Accept and embrace the decision and move on.

Knowing that by expressing yourself and making the spiritual inner path, will bring you the answer to your questions and will resolve your anxiousness and create love for you and the other. Create respect, no matter the outcome and bring peace in your mind. Don't play victim.

Be courageous and do it. Determine which people and which action you need to work on.

Why is the work important for society?

There is much unresolved energy in the air. Negative thoughts, misinterpretations of situations, high expectations. There is an imbalance because of lack of knowledge of the feelings and reasons why the action is not happening.

There is a misleading force in the air, of incomprehension and sadness and anger, which creates illness and unease.

By learning to do our proper inner work and learn to express ourselves with love and compassion, we will learn to understand the other side and heal our insecurities and misleading information.

Apply this for a new job, fundraising, love, purchase of a house, getting food, getting the right of citizenship, physical or psychological violence, anything you feel is important for your life.

This needs much courage and will create an immense self-confidence.

Work on one person or one problem. Don't try to resolve the issue in one day the process takes time to get the right result.

Brigitte Burgisser

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