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How to uplift hearts?

Learn to trust and see the good part of every person even in her dark moments. Observe from distance, and watch your own behavior. People will react to your behavior, even if they are in a dark part.

Don’t engage in their darkness and remain still and stable in your body and mind.

That is how you will be able to uplift and be an ancre for the person. Remain calm and settled, no stress, and no worried thoughts, stay in trust, calmness and peace.

Create the ancre in yourself. Be your own ancre to be the ancre of the others. By keeping your mind still, you will be able to bring peace and harmony to the others.

Let people be and do what they need to live, to grow. Do not interfere, do not judge, do not suffer, only observe and learn. Every situation in life is your learning process and no one else‘s. It is how you deal with the situation. Do you get angry, sad, stressed or worried ?

Eat breakfast between 7am and 9am. Do Qi- Gong, meditation or yoga before going to work to uplift hearts.

Brigitte Burgisser

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