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What are my fears related to?

You are afraid not doing things the right way.

Picture Lyell Parry

What is the right way?

🐞Be there to overcome your own fears. To do it the right way, is to act what your heart is saying and follow your inner guide.

🐞Think less and follow, what is feeling, to be the right way to live life in a more balanced way not fighting against everything.

🐞Be rigid, but also introduce the lightness of life and joy. Embrace the others with their dark part and become less rigid, and loving and caring.

🐞Accept people with their dark part and embrace them, not oppose them and walk away.

By embracing changes will come. By correcting constantly and telling off you create the contrary.

Confront your fears and embrace them. Be gentle with yourself to be able to follow your heart and not your fear.

Start practicing with your closest ones, your children, your partner to become a new human of compassion.

We all have an insecurity in us, which we will all need to overcome.

We all need to learn to trust our inner voice, with compassion and serenity.

Brigitte Burgisser

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