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What is my impulsivity, why do I have the feeling that I do not get things done?

It is about your high expectations and your impatience to reach the goal. It is good to have a goal and it's not good to put yourself too much under pressure.

By forcing, things will come in an unnatural way. If there is resistance, it's going with the flow. If you want to create a change, there will be forcefully opposition and non action, and that is fine.

Set your goal, communicate, rest and wait. No attachment, let it go with the flow. If you attach yourself to the results you have much to loose.

Learn to have no expectations. Put seeds, some will grow, others will die. Give them water but don't over water them, expecting them to grow faster.

Let go, be calm and happy, no action is action.

Brigitte Burgisser

Picture Lyel Parry

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