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What is Shen Foundation's roles in society?

Shen Foundation is here to support people with mission, to uplift humanity. People with mission find themselves lonely, fighting and bringing forward their message, in a world of opposition.

It is very easy to concede that pressure and lose the gap of their original purpose. Often they reach their limit of strengths and loose the energy they need and the spiritual support to stay consistent in their mission.

People in mission need first to work on themselves, to be able to accomplish their mission and this is an ongoing process. They need to confront their own devil, with the challenges they face, to learn to remain calm and centered.

People with mission need to learn to be fearless of all endeavors they encounter and stay humble and calm in any situation to remain in integrity to themselves and their project.

The Shen Foundation's value teach the DAO's way of leading the mission. Bring the DAO to your life to overcome the challenges and learn deeply how our soul functions. Learn about our fears and triggers to go with the flow.

Bring serenity and calmness to lead with the heart and compassion. Working in a deep way on the virtues analyzing our body, mind and soul and reaching a comprehension of the complexity of our human system. Integrate spirituality into that process.

Brigitte Burgisser

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