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What is the reason I joined The Shen Foundation?

On the 23.2.2001 I arrived with two babies and two suitcases packend of summer clothes at the airport of Zurich to never go back to where my home was. I had lost everything I belonged to, including my love.

I built a new life, brought up my two daughters and created my company.

On 6.5.2014 I was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer 4th stage. Two years later, after receiving a strong 6 mths chemotherapy treatment, I was still not able to recuperate from my mental shock and my physical weakness. I could hardly walk 100 metres , I could not get lower in my life.

I had much time for reflection. Something had gone really wrong.

I realized, that I have been much in exess, overactive, on the permanent go to create wealth and live a successful life with excessive expectations.

There was no time to take a break, my state reflected the earth and I needed to change significantly my behavior to heal myself.

I had lost connection with nature and the spiritual world. All was in my mind and not in my heart.

The Shen Foundation teaches how to rediscover the blueprint of the Planet Earth. How to integrate nature and our spiritual side into our daily operational life.

Respect the nature cycles and learn to observe our body, who is our vehicle.

Learn to be a good conductor of our car, which is our body. By learning and integrating that teaching of old wisdom, we can heal ourselves and our surrounding and society.

There are many aspects to integrate the change.

Follow the 4 cycles of nature , the daily cycle, follow the organic clock, the circadian cycle. Learn when our body is most efficient in the intellectual part, and what times our body needs to rest.

When do we need to give our body fuel and service, so it can work and perform in a balanced way.

It is quite a complex teaching, which needs a certain discipline and willingness to create a change in yourself and your surrounding. It is to learn to live the Daoist way.

The result is very rewarding.

After four years of learning, i regained my health.

My company has made a large restructuring process and my motivated Team is very committed to bring the company through the pandemic.

I sold my house and we live more humble.

I have reconciled with my mother and my daughters say, I became myself a more calm mam.

I have participated in a project in a Burundi refugee camp.

Since the start of the pandemic we have created a supportive community in my building .

I'm committed to share this teaching with whoever cares about our Earth, with whoever cares about our live purpose and our future development, any person who is willing to create a real change for the good of himself and humanity.

I want to help persons, who are in the brink of burnout, to accompany them to do this journey of finding themselves first, to increase the impact and accomplish their mission with calmness and serenity.

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Lyell Parry
Lyell Parry
May 04, 2021


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